How To Check Your Jamb Result 2020, Using Jamb Result Checker Online

jamb resultIt has become the Norm for the joint Admission matriculation board (JAMB)

to releases jamb result just few days after the exam

back in 2019, barely 5 days after the exam jamb announced through it official website

that candidates can proceed to check their results via SMS or using jamb Result Checker Online.

After going through the hurdles of registration, lots of effort that went into preparation

and finally writing the exam

It was no surprise to see how candidates swung into checking

their respective jamb results using convenient checking medium upon release of the Results.

It was however surprising to know that some candidates doesn’t know how to check their result themselves

In this post I’ll be showing you how to check your jamb result 2020 yourself with ease

I’ll also be showing you the various ways you can use to check your jamb 2020 Result

how to access the jamb result online checker portal and how to proceed to print your jamb result

Apparently you are about to learn some few things.

Basically there are two ways jamb has provided for candidates to check their jamb 2020 result.

through SMS and on jamb result checking portal

In the next few paragraphs I’ll be showing you how to check your results in both ways


  1. Type “RESULT” in UPPERCASE then your Surname, FirstName and MiddleName
  2. Send the typed message to “55019”(charge of #50 may apply)
  3. Upon successful delivery of the message, jamb will reply with a message containing your Jamb Result.

NOTE: while this method would work just fine for many, some

may not be able to get their jamb Result through this method, possibly

because Candidate can only receive their Jamb Result 2020 through the phone number they used in registration

Hence if candidate no longer have access to the SIM or phone number he used during jamb registration

or made a mistake with the number during registration

Such candidate can not receive his/her jamb Result using SMS

As I said in the outset, there is also a provision of jamb Result Checker Online

this is an online portal where candidates can access to check

their jamb Result 2020 or previous years and even print out the result.

Follow the outlined procedure below


  1. Visit jamb result checker portal at
  2. Provide your jamb Registration Number and Email address in the space providedjamb result
  3. Click on “Check My Result” button
  4. This would load your jamb 2020 result.jamb 2020 result

NOTE: Unlike using SMS, This method is totally free.

I hope you find these steps easy.


After checking your jamb Result, you might want to proceed to print your result when’s it’s ready

Why do you need to print your original jamb result?

Printing of original jamb Result slip is a necessary step for all candidate

that’s inline with the directive from board that all candidate should print a copy of their result upon release by jamb

It is a needed document for screening in all institution for all fresh jamb intakes.

Before I proceed to outline the steps to print your original jamb result however I assume

you have checked your jamb Result first.

Here are steps

  1. In your browser visit Jamb e-Facility page at 2020 result
  2. Login to your profile using your email and passwordjamb result
  3. Under the list of services, Click on the “Print Result Slip”
  4. On the next page that appears, click “continue with payment”, this will take you to a page where you’ll make payment via Remita or other options availablejamb slip payment
  5. Upon successful payment, your JAMB Original result slip will be displayed and you can proceed to print it immediately. A copy of the result will equally be sent to your email address in case you prefer to print it later.


  1. The cost for the printing of the JAMB Original Result Slip is One Thousand Naira (N 1000).
  2. The JAMB Original Result Slip must bear you passport photograph on it.


1. Do I need a Scratch Card To Check My Jamb 2020 Result? 

Unlike other exam bodies the practice of checking result with the use of a scratch card has been discontinued by the board.

Meaning you don’t need a scratch card to check your jamb Result.

All you need to check your jamb 2020 result is your jamb Registration Number

2. I Tried To Check My Jamb Result And It Says “No Result Yet”

If you get this message while trying to check your jamb result 2020, there is no reason to fret.

Almost every year, there are reports of candidates getting such messages . It should bring you solace to know that in most cases,

most of the candidate eventually see their jamb result, usually within a week or two.

One of the major reasons why a candidates may get this message may be because they tried to access the result when it’s not out.

Jamb results are released in batches, so if someone you took the exam together has seen his/hers, you need not be afraid as your own might be under process.

Another reason according to jamb may be their result may be under check for examination malpractice if you are not found

wanting for examination malpractice,  your result will definitely be released in no distant time.

3. Jamb Says “Result Withheld:

In 2019, some 34,120 results were withheld on these three grounds

i.  those whose upload of evidence necessitated further investigation.

ii. Those who were found culpable of examination malpractice, thus necessitating the cancellation of their result by jamb.  

iii. Those who did not his heed the advice of jamb to upload evidence of their identity, or cases of impersonation.

Those whose evidence of involvement in examination malpractice has been firmly established have zero chances of getting their jamb results someday.

However those whose involvement in examination malpractice warrants further investigation, (eg failure to upload evidence of identity) these ones will be invited to designated cbt centers across the country for further clarification of evidence against them.

Upon proper evaluation by jamb, results of candidates that are deemed innocent by the board will be released

of the 34,120 candidates, whose result were withheld in 2019, 15,490 was later released by jamb

Do you have a question not addressed above?

Or you have a contribution to make?

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I love your comments

I Wish you success in Jamb 2020.

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